Productos y Servicios de Calidad

Manufacture and commercialization of consumables for Microbiological and Physical-Chemical analysis.
European or American Filter Material.

Bolsa para Muestreo y Digestor
Bolsas Dinova
More robust and sterile gamma radiation sampling bags
Manifold DInova
Single Use Microbiological Monitors
Medios Dinova
Culture media in Single Use vials
Monitor Dinova
Papel Dinova
Filter Paper: German Raw Material
Slider web Dinova Monitor
Slider web Dinova Monitor y medio
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About Us

We have more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing consumables and solutions for industrial quality control laboratories. 

We have invested heavily in generating a more robust, versatile and safe product line. All our filter raw material is American or European. We work with strict quality standards, guaranteeing the best experience in the use of our products. 

Our expertise is in the design and manufacture of our products seeking the best quality at a competitive price.  

We work with highly trained representatives and distributors who are very close to our clients to ensure the best advice and understanding of their processes and needs. 

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